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Pen Pals with the Holy Spirit

I was talking to my good friend yesterday, Representative Richard Martin.  Last year, Cat and I met his lovely wife Jazz at a fundraising campaign.  We had an instant, kindred spirit kind of connection, so Cat and I ended up inviting them over for Sprinkles cupcakes and a game of Settlers of Catan.  They’ve been members of this particular team Jesus ever since.

Representative Martin (I don’t call him Richard) is a true servant of the Lord. He navigates his tremendous following with dignity and humility. I knew he could discern with me. So we had the women step out in order to have a frank discussion.

“Lately I’ve been getting a lot of mail from my followers”, I told him. “Some of it quite unkind, but I rise above it with Yoga and centering meditation. And that’s because I’m a writer. More of a warrior, really, I’m fighting for the justice of God – in other words, the American way.  Which makes me provocative. I’m a catalyst. People consider me their mirror. I reflect back their uncertainties and their shortcomings.”

We grieved for our world’s misplaced moral compass. We marveled at how many reach out – so lost, so longing to be right-sized in their thinking. As we talked late into the evening and then went straight into prayer while the women waited in the car, the answer became so clear. What I’ve decided to do is publish their letters and my response in order to help others.  Like this one, for example:

Dear FJS,

I recently starting dating a great gal.  She’s petite, awfully cute and she bakes one heck of a pie (though I’ve had to educate her on the merits of using fresh fruit vs. canned. It’s OK, it takes time to learn these things).  My question to you is that she’s taken to wearing pants. As someone who is a believer in Our Lord, you and I both know the dangers of  a lack of modesty. She’s oddly stubborn when I’ve provided the Biblical direction regarding a woman’s dress, saying it’s what is within the heart that makes a person unclean. Nonsense, etc.

What advice might you provide?


Guy Anxious With Dress

Dear GAWD,

From what I can tell, you’re just not listening.  Have you asked her why she’s wearing pants? Women like to feel like their mate is interested in their lives (even though we’re often not).  Your lady friend may very well be feeling like she has to overcompensate in this world that was basically built for us guys.  Sit her down over a nice dinner and ask her how confident she is in the role God has placed her within this world; a help mate.  Perhaps send her Etsy links or some tips on how she  can craft more, sometimes women often just need to be guided back into the ways of being a woman.  This is a very difficult world for women who are dealing with so many mixed messages. Do I work? What if I make more money than a man? (God forbid).   Use the internet to remind her of who she is at her core.