In preparation for my radio show

I’ve gone ahead and sent three questions to the radio station as well as the answers to make sure the conversation stays on a very natural, organic path.  What I’ve learned in all of my years as a teacher is the importance of control when it comes to the Holy Spirit being able to move.

Mr. Shore, we’re glad to have you on our show. What keeps you so famous, is it your wit?  Your provocative blogging?  Your seamless integration of the lion and the lamb attributes?  Tell us.

Before I answer that, are you a shock jock, Mr. Hall?  Because that’s  my style.  I’m a shock author if you will, I’m like the Howard Stern of preaching. I like to jab people with the Holy Spirit when they aren’t looking.  This is reflected in my teaching.  

When dealing with atheists, what is your best advice?

Non believers are like toddlers and the gospel is nothing more than a great game of hide and seek with adults.  When they aren’t looking for a conversation about God,  you simply sneak it in under the guise of caring about their work or their children. Then you catch them. 

What is your greatest fear?

As a christian I don’t have many.  I suppose if I did have any, it would be not having enough exposure in order to change this nation in the ways I’ve been called to do.  That and I am terrified of kittens, I believe they are out to destroy us.  

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