Be gone, devil!

Well sell me an illegal firecracker and set me on fire on the 5th of July, I do believe we’ve got ourselves a spiritual battle! What am I talking about?

Well some of the mail I’ve received on this little blog of mine would indicate  that there are a few folks out there who are a little angry with what I’m writing. As a professional writer who’s written a number of different books and is now appearing on Christian radio shows all over the nation, I understand how important it is that I – as a teacher of the Word – am conducting myself worthy in the manner of a teacher. Of someone who frankly knows more than you do, who’s been given the spiritual gift of discernment.

What is the gift of discernment? Well this is one of God’s most holiest of gifts.  It’s difficult to describe, but basically the gift takes over when I enter a room. It could be a church building, a paint-your-own-pottery store that Cat and I enjoy going to on our date nights. It might even be a virtual room, someone’s small little corner of the internet. It doesn’t matter where it is, or who’s inside. What matters is when I enter, the spirit settles upon me and I can immediately discern what is wrong with everyone I’m interacting with.

See friends, the gift of discernment is the ability to read what one offers, hear what one says – even take a quick peek at what one is wearing and immediately discern the true quality of their relationship with God.  Now some of you are writing in and I want to provide an example of the gift of discernment in action:

“Dear FakeJohnShore,

I don’t know who you are – if you’re the real John Shore or what – but I find you distasteful and boorish. John Shore may have some views that I don’t agree with, but at least he signs his real name so we know who he is.  Know that integrity really is a value, why don’t you go get yourself some. You’re not very funny. Be an original.”



“Dear Sally,

First, thank you for writing.  As a professional writer of many books, people don’t often know that I have some manual labor in my background as well as the fine arts. In the spirit of that, please allow me to take that white-washed tomb you’re living in and let Cat jazz it up with a little  sparkle paint.

I hope it will help.



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